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Banques centrales mondiales

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Banque centrale de Libye (CBL)

The Central Bank of Libya is 100% state owned and represents the monetary authority in The Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya and enjoys the status of...

0%  Libye
Banque centrale du Libéria (CBL)

The Central Bank of Liberia was established on October 18, 1999 by an Act of the National Legislature of the Republic of Liberia. It became functional in 2000 and...

25,0%  Libéria
Banque de Lithuanie

The Bank of Lithuania is the central bank of the Republic of Lithuania. Its principal objective is to maintain price stability. In seeking its principal objective, the...

1,75%  Lituanie
Banque centrale du Luxembourg (BCL)

La Banque centrale du Luxembourg (BCL) a été instituée par les lois du 22 avril 1998 et du 23 décembre 1998 telle que modifiée par une loi du 13 juillet 2007, la loi du...

0,0%  Luxembourg
Autorité monétaire de Macao (AMCM)

The Monetary Authority of Macao is a regulatory institution established on December 20, 1999, upon the transfer of the sovereignty of Macau from Portugal to the People's...

2,25%  Macao
Banque nationale de la République de Macédoine (NBRM)

According to the law on the National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia, the National Bank shall perform the following functions: establish and conduct the monetary...

3,25%  Macédoine
Banque centrale de Madagascar (BCM)

The Central Bank of Madagascar is the central bank of Madagascar. The bank's mission is to, in collaboration with the general government, and in observation of the laws...

0%  Madagascar
Banque d'État de Malaisie (BNM)

Established on 26 January 1959 under the Central Bank of Malaysia Act 1958 (Revised -1994). It is a statutory body wholly owned by the Government of Malaysia with the...

2,75%  Malaisie
Banque de réserve du Malawi (RBM)

The Reserve Bank of Malawi was established under an Act of Parliament in July 1964 and started its operations in June, 1965 in Blantyre. It replaced a branch of the...

12,0%  Malawi
Autorité monétaire des Maldives (MMA)

The Maldives Monetary Authority was established on 1st July 1981, and is endowed with the regular powers and obligations of a central bank under the mandate provided by...

0%  Maldives
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